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Compiling and maintaining this web site has proven a non-trivial task. A number of visitors have taken a moment to send a note of praise, which is welcome encouragement. Some of the feedback is shown below.

"First of all, I'd like to say thank you for having such a great site! I'm a new Rex 6000 user and your site has been great for wonderful Addins and information!" AW

"Thanks for developing your site with pics of all the rex addins. It is probably the most useful site (next to Dana's Rex help page, of course).
Thanks again. Keep up the great work." NB

"Found your site yesterday, and loved it right away. I stopped looking for Rex software on the web for a while ('cause I couldn't find any). Thnx, and keep up the good work." MC

"I just wanted to thank you for creating and maintaining such a useful site. With such ridiculous support from Xircom, it's refreshing to find someone who cares about the Rex community." JP

"Dude, your site rocks! Iím going to load up my Rex...Keep up the great work." DL

"Thank you for keeping up such a great site. I was able learn a lot more on how the REX works and how it came to be. I have told my friends who have the R6000 about all of the great support and utilities that can be found here" RB