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This site provides easy access to the range of over 100 addins developed for the Rex 6000, and also contains information of interest to those who would like to develop their own addins.

As of September 2002 this site continues to be maintained, however to ensure you obtain the latest version of an addin you may wish to follow the link to the developers own site. Also some developers have expressly requested that their addins are not mirrored elsewhere and therefore only a link is provided from this site.

Finally, if you have any other non-addin related questions about the Rex 6000 then please visit the excellent Rex6000 Help Page or see the Rex Forum discussion forum.

Whats new:
Jan /2003: Runner Load Runner - See Games : Arcade
Jan /2003: Week Calendar information - See Standalone utilities
Jan /2003: Maze Nagivate mazes - See Games : Puzzle

Oct /2002: CalPlanner New beta - repeat events & 12/24hr times here
Oct /2002: RexAdventure Adventure game - See Games : Puzzle
Oct /2002: Rexlines Puzzle game - See Games : Puzzle

Aug /2002: EspCard Test your ESP abilities! - See Games : Card
Aug /2002: Roach Hit cockroachs as they run across the screen - See Games : Arcade
Aug /2002: FindLibs Check rex memory for library signatures - See Developer addins
Aug /2002: Bigaddin Demo of a single addin >8k - See Demo & Beta
Aug /2002: RPN calc Reverse polish calculator - See Calculators
Aug /2002: CalcBgone Replace the default Calc - See Extra Functionality
Aug /2002: ClokBgone Replace the world clock - See Extra Functionality
Aug /2002: Birthday Non-English versions - See Extra Functionality
Aug /2002: Battle Slightly improved version - See Games : Puzzle
Aug /2002: MiniData Display & edit CSV files
Aug /2002: MiniTetris Minor fix release - See Games : Arcade
Aug /2002: PicToRex Makes a picture displaying addin- See Standalone utilities
Aug /2002: Not a spreadsheet Configurable calculator - See Calculators
Aug /2002: Dictionary Search & display dictionary files- See Standalone utilities

The contents of this site would not have been possible without the enormous contribution from many different Rex users. Most of the information here has been compiled from the discoveries shared via the Rex Developers emailing list and from the websites of its contributors. However, as much of it has been edited, reformated and combined with other pieces of related information, no attempt has been made to credit each section to an originator. Should anyone feels that a particular section ought to acknowledge their specific contribution please send an email.