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There are still a number of requests to RexExtras and RRC for new addin ideas and the purpose of this page is to gather those requests.

For those who requested these, be patient! Adder, Asteroids, Find; once we had none of these. At the time they were first discussed these seemed distant possibilities, yet through hard work developers have managed to create these and over 50 other addins.

For those who may like to develop something on one of these lines, please email so I can indicate that someone is interested, and avoid duplication of effort.

Do you know of any REX 6000 programs for timing contraction of a woman in labor? My wife and I are getting ready and I have seen other such programs for PDA's like the palm.
An app to choose phone number (presumably from current Contacts) and "dial" the number by playing the tones through the speaker into telephone handset.
Several people have requested similar however the rex is capable of only generating a single tone at a time, most phone systems dialing tones are actually two tones together so this application is not possible.
"Tape" Calculator Standard calculator buttons are on one side of the screen, and a scrolling display (with scroll bar) is on the other that shows all entries made. These calculators tend to have specific buttons for financial uses. There's a large "+=" key, which is plus and equals on the same button. A "00" key enters two zeros. There's the usual "%" key and memory keys, but no square-root. They also have a switch to change between "0.", "0.00", and "0.00000000" displays. I think there's another button, but can't recall... Saving the "tape" to a memo would be a bonus.
Rex Add-in Request/Wish List Multiple Alarm/Watch with Snooze Function and: - Hourly Time Signal; - Daily Alarms (Alarm1, Alarm2, Alarm3, Alarm4, Alarm5, etc.); - Date Alarm (at the specific time, on the specific date (s)); - One Week, Month, etc. Alarm (Every day at the specific time during the specific period); - A Weekly, Monthly Alarm (every week (month) at the time you set, on the date you set); - User defined melodies - Alarm Duration (Long-Short)
How about a financial calculator?
If someone would come up with a shopping list program like the handy-shopper for palm handhelds, my palm will become obsolete.