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Useful files:
File Size Description
rex2emu 56k Elegant utility by Mike Ludwig to convert a compiler .rex addin to correct file format to run under the emulator. 90k Beta version of "Reksio" bitmap design tool by Jaroslaw Michalak. Displays asm source for simple copy-paste to your source code. 2000k Like a hex viewer but also with interpretation of addin header format and extraction of icon
convbmp.exe 13k Utility to convert 2 colour windows bitmaps into rex images. Command line is a list of bitmaps, direct the output to into a file. For example :
convbmp arrowl arrowr > code.c 400k Windows hex editor 1k Damjan Marion wrote a small c program to make .rex addin from Z80 .bin file (with org $8000) and .res text file that includes Appname, comment and icon. 8k Tiny & simple
172k-english.htm 200k Machine translation of 172k pdf file from dssdk