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GAMES : BOARD (5 addins)
No image available Backgammon February 2002
2-player backgammon addin
Author Gerd Krahmann
Download Please download via link
Chess - 2 player January 2002
Checks for valid moves, allows pawns to upgrade, ends when king captured. Can't save, can't castle, can't play against rex.
Author Myles Rix
Link This site
Download chess.rex
Chess - 1 player 27 January 2002
Play chess against the rex!
Author Myles Rix
Link This site
Download chess1p.rex
Fox and Hound September 2001
Advance the hounds up the board and trap the fox
Author Alexander Poplawski
Link n/a
Othello June 2001
Play Othello (aka Reversi) against Rex. Rex player is fairly easy to beat though.
Author Myles Rix
Link This site!
Download othello.rex