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DataSlim2 Add-in
Biorhythm Calculater ver 2.0.0 use manual

Issue on September 27, 2002

product by Junk Shop
Copyright 2001-2002 Hideo Morotomi


It is the add-in to compute bio-rhythm.


How to use it


Preparation (the preparation of the birthday data)

screen The memo pad of DataSlim2(or REX6000) is started first, and data on the birthday of a title to say as "birthday" are made.
(The right figure reference.)
# (Sharp) is put in the beginning of the data, and how to write birthday data is mentioned in the name, the date, the order of the month and the year.
A name, a date and the stop of the month and the year are done with (,).
A part with no # is handled as a note in the beginning, and add-in isn't read.
Note : Be sure to give me the title of the data with a small letter as "birthday".

The calculation of the bio-rhythm

When add-in is started, it becomes the following screen.

screenTouch the part which [Next] was written in, or push an bottom button, and choose a birthday to compute bio-rhythm.

Bio-rhythm is computed, and it becomes the following screen when it touches the part which [Calculate] was written in or an Enter button is pushed.



Attention in use of


Matters for immunity


About the re-distribution


Renewal one's personal history